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We should fight for clowns rights, put a smile on their face.

It’s odd how we often think of laughter when associating with clowns

But you will find that theatre or circus clowns make up often portrayed grotesque and distinctly unhappy facial expressions.

Which leads me to the conclusions that clowns are in fact often a bit depressed.


I mean just look at how pale their skin is, they clearly aren’t getting much fresh air.

Their trousers are often too big for them, possible malnourishment.

And what about those really odd hair colours, you cant seriously be telling me that bright green hair is natural.

These guys are obviously in a rut and need our help.

So think up a way to rescue these guys from the tragic lives they live.

(I would myself but i am really busy working on this new mime act for tomorrows show)


It’s like they (explicitly) state in this video.

We need a miracle.

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