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The supermarket rant

Oh it’s just a minor thing and only when it is really, really busy but sometimes when i go to the supermarket to by some things even though the staff are absolutely delightful, the queue’s can be a bit long.

Which is fine but when i have to go to work, i find myself in a bit of a rush.

I know i always seems  to be waiting a bit longer than i actually am and i always manage to get to work on time but the pressure can be a bit difficult to cope with, but the delighful staff make up for it when they open up another counter to take the overflow.

Actually i realise that i am being a bit selfish here, i mean it is good that they are busy.

It kind of goes to showe that they are a trusted company and take good care of there customers.

Who am i to judge really, i have my health and that is all that really matters.


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