About Witty Snippets


Yep, that’s me.

That complete boiling pot nutcase.

With a pretend gun to his head, perhaps he should pull the trigger and give us all a break.

Now I would like to personally welcome you to my Potential cash cow err, I mean website.

And say cheerio.


Now I guess you’re wondering “who is this fool?”

The answer is simple.

I am a fool…………, with a hobby for self promotion

But please before you click off the site saying what an A-hole

Lend me you ear, I promise I’ll give it back

Because unlike those jokers who update over a stella breakfast

(my apologies if i offended anyone who updates over a stella breakfast)

I actually do stuff.

Stuff like this.



Ooh agressive

How about this jolly old session.



Oh and how can I miss out my comedy/arts show

Here’s the latest abomination



Pretty neat HUH???

Feel free to drop me a line, I’m stuck down here.

Have fun reading (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink)

Yours sincerely,

Richard North south , east, west